Oktober 5, 2015

Febest for Volkswagen

The world's largest carmaker Volkswagen, who has confessed to deception emission tests, threatened not only their own future.

The scandal around the manipulation with emission figures has already made Volkswagen incur enormous losses — the company's market capitalization has dropped to €25bn, the company could face $18bn fine, $7.3bn has already been allocated to eliminate the effects of the crisis. Volkswagen spent six years cheating on tests, the six years that the competitors devoted to developing greener engines. In addition, in the midst of the fall in the value of the company and impending court costs the company might not have resources to compensate for the wasted years, reports Wired.com.

However, the issue is not only the end of the scandal for the automotive giant, but also what it will turn out for Europe as a whole.

Febest for Volkswagen

Wired.com draws attention to the fact that the difficulties at Volkswagen pose problems not only for the German economy, but also threaten to cause serious social consequences. The company crisis threatens the future of its 600,000 employees. The likely collapse of Volkswagen may even indirectly complicate the German admission of refugees from Syria, as the state is one of the Volkswagen’s shareholders and it uses the dividends to fund government programs.

Still, Wired assumes that the company can safely meet the crisis. The recent history has seen examples of collapse far more life-threatening than tricks with harmful emissions — the arbitrarily accelerating Toyota cars or unexpectedly fading General Motors engines led to the death of dozens of people. In both cases, the manufacturers incurred significant losses, but both stories were forgotten over time. The dishonest story of the millions Volkswagen cars, Wired.com is sure, will also be successfully forgotten.

What is important for Febest is that what is happening to Volkswagen does not affect company’s production of parts for VW (there are 253 articles of those in our catalogue at http://febest24.com/volkswagen.html). These products are very popular among our customers, it is a promising direction of development. Let us hope that Volkswagen will successfully overcome all the difficulties.

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