June 21, 2015


Nowadays FEBEST has branches in European Union, USA, Russia, Panama, UAE, Kenya and Australia, but the brand is increasingly gaining in popularity in Eastern Europe.

Febest Boxes with spare parts

“It has been partly due to the difficult economic situation in Russia and Ukraine, when people from these and other countries prefer to choose high-quality, but at the same time inexpensive automotive parts by FEBEST, which, in many cases, do not yield to the original, but often excel them”, says Vladimir Solovjev, the FEBEST sales representative in Europe. He carries on, “At the same time, there is also a demand for our products in Western European countries.

There is not a single country on the continent to where we would not be supplying our products. As we all know, in the most developed countries the main component of the price of car repair is the cost of labour and against the cost of labour, the price of the parts is not significant anymore. At the same time, the mechanics there do not often know how the rubber bushing can be replaced separately from the arm.

However, due to the fact that lot of people from the Eastern part of the continent have settled in Western Europe, the inexpensive and high-quality automotive parts by FEBEST are gradually gaining in popularity. More and more immigrants from Eastern Europe work in service stations in Western Europe, offering their customers cheaper opportunities than “replacing the original block with an original one”, and this also contributes to the popularity of the automotive parts produced by FEBEST”.