September 28, 2015 allows you to search for spare parts by size

Catalogue is a tool for Febest distributors and excellent information base for private customers that offers excellent opportunities for search of necessary spare parts. Clicking on the “catalogue” section on our, you will be able to find the spare parts that you are looking for in several ways.

Search by model

Typing the model of your car in the "model" search field (when typing the first letter, the system will offer various exact options from which you can select the appropriate) without filling other fields will return the whole list of parts produced by for this model. While the total number of items in Febest catalogue year exceeded 10 thousand in spring 2015, in many cases the number of positions for each specific car model can exceed one hundred. Thus, you can gain an impression of the whole range of spare parts produced Febest for this car.

Search by model and category

You can narrow your search by choosing a category of parts of your interest. Febest production in the catalogue is divided into 9 categories: “Bearings”, “Body Elements”, “Braking System”, “Clutch System”, “CV Joints”, “Rubber Parts”, “Suspension”, “Universal Joints”, and “Other”. This enables you to find all the parts produced by Febest for one or another model in the category in which you are interested. You can see products in each category separately. search

Search by OEM

In order to find a desired part quickly, you can type the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) number into the corresponding field and the search will return an alternative part produced by Febest.

While searching by OEM you need to bear in mind that Febest produces a large amounts of spare parts that original manufacturers do not produce separately from the block. In such cases, you need to search by the OEM of the original block. For example, to find the arm bush of the back beam, you must enter the OEM of the back beam. Such details (available separately from the block) are indicated by "#" before the number of the block.

By code

Of course, the easiest way to instantly find the spare part you need in our catalogue is to enter its article code into an appropriate search field and press the search button. However, to do this, of course, you have to know the code. On the other hand, catalogue enables you to find out the code to later find and buy relevant details online, e.g. at

By size

Using search tool, you can choose arm bushes, oil seals, CV joints, cylinder pistons, disk brake pads by their size. Press “Start” to begin. Using the drawings choose the type and click on it, and specify the desired dimensions. advanced search

Choosing an arm bush you can start from the coupling size “B”. As you chose dimensions, the system will return an arm bush that correspond to the parameters chosen. By the description of the spare part, you can make sure it is suitable for your vehicle.