November 2, 2015

Toyota has regained the title of the leader of the world's auto market

The Japanese Toyota Motor Corp, for whose vehicles Febest produces nearly a quarter of more than the 10,000 parts listed in the company catalogue, has forced out Volkswagen from the sales leader position.

More precisely, VW itself left it with a scandal.

Toyota prius

For the nine months of 2015, Toyota Motor Corp. has regained the lost title of the leader of the world's auto market. Toyota reported that from January to September it sold 7.49 million cars. The German Volkswagen AG, which in the first half of the year 2015 overtook its Japanese competitor by the volume of delivery, only sold 7.43 million cars during this period. The most powerful impact on VW was caused, of course, by the unprecedented scandal that broke out in September, which was the result of the revealed company deception with the lowering of emission rates.

In 2007 year, Toyota first released and sold more cars than General Motors (GM), which had carried the title of the “largest automaker in the world” for 76 years, but soon had to yield. The world economic crisis, which began in 2007, lead to the company completing the year 2009 at a loss (for the first time since 1950). In May 2012, Toyota once again pulled away into the first place, leaving behind Volkswagen and General Motors.

During the last three years Toyota has been the absolute sales leader, leaving its competitors no chance. In 2013 it sold 8 million 204 thousand cars, while its nearest rival, VW, sold 6 million 390 thousand. In 2014, 8 million 305 thousand of Toyota cars found their buyers (VW sold 6 million 549 thousand).

It can be confidently assumed that in the nearest perspective Toyota will remain unrivalled and will not give up the title of “the car dealer No. 1”.

To recall, the super crisis that broke out in September forced Volkswagen to suspend sales of diesel cars in some markets, the company will also recall 11 million cars, аnd the total of damage amounts to tens of billions. At the same time, Toyota has recently launched a number of new models including the updated Prius, which allows it, by contrast, to increase sales.

The total number of items in the Febest catalogue that are spare parts for different models of Toyota exceeds 2600 (there are over 10 thousand items in our company catalogue, which are analogues to more than 50 thousand original spare parts).

The spare parts for Toyota were the first ones our company listed in the popular European spare parts catalogue TecDoc in August 2015.

Febest spare parts for Toyota in the European retail online store